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Please refer to this page for requests on consulting, seminars, and web production.

You will be “guaranteed a full refund” if you are not satisfied with any of the services, so please feel reassured to use our services.

Also, if you would like to check what kind of service we provide beforehand, we offer a “30-minute free consultation”, which you are welcome to use.

Consulting support

Consulting support is a service for start-ups and small to medium-sized enterprises.

We will answer any questions as much as possible but will be dealing basically with the following five categories.

  • Items related to e-commerce (construction methods, sales tactics, market research, etc.)
  • Web marketing related issues (SEO measures, customer attraction, measures for page views per visit, etc.)
  • International trade related issues (negotiations with manufacturers, methods of transportation, import procedures, etc.)
  • Overseas business related issues (establishment of corporations, acquisition of employment visas, management expertise, etc.)
  • Management related issues (recruitment, labor, litigation issues, etc.)

Support on businesses that can take on challenges at a side job level, as well as corporate management that can obtain employment visas in the United States are possible.

We will do our best to support you until you are satisfied with the results.

Three features of consulting support


Business executives that run business both in Japan and the United States will be supporters, which allows you to learn how to succeed through actual experience rather than introducing common examples. You will also be able to learn about examples of failures through their actual experience.


In addition to a system that can be started without money and no experience, this program structure satisfies everyone from beginners to seniors in business according to the customer’s situation.


Since we will be guiding you according to results based on collecting and analyzing information from a neutral standpoint, it is possible to detect problems and ideas that couldn’t be realized on your own at an early stage and you can improve them.

What consulting support can do

About E-commerce Business

  • Advice on site construction (adding shopping functions, web design, mall opening plans, etc.)
  • Advice on purchase (how to find products to sell, negotiation skills on bulk purchases and discounts, how to store inventories, etc.)
  • Advice on attracting customers (how to create product pages, edit images with high purchasing rates, and take measures to increase sales, etc.)
  • Advice on sales (how to set a fair price, cultivate new customers, dispose of inventories, etc.)
  • Advice on management (improving operational efficiency, eliminating risks, preparing necessary equipment, etc.)

About Web Marketing

  • Advice on SEO measures (keyword selection, optimization of customer demand, writing techniques that will make the search top, etc.)
  • Advice on SNS management (profiling, increasing followers, efficient posting protocols, etc.)
  • Advice on Web advertising (affiliate, targeting, e-mail marketing, etc.)
  • Website advice (domain acquisition, landing page/form optimization, theme design, etc.)

About International Trade

  • Advice on the development of systems (development of new suppliers, creation of contract documents, securing of transportation routes, etc.)
  • Transport advice (type of international delivery, shipping contract, how to obtain packaging materials, etc.)
  • Import advice (customs documentation, regulations and rules, customs flow, etc.)
  • Export advice (sales and transportation methods, common troubleshooting, purchasing of domestic products, etc.)

About Overseas Business

  • Advice on the establishment of corporations (cost of establishment in each country, office and address, how to prepare tax return forms, countermeasures, etc.)
  • Advice on employment visas (easy-to-obtain industries, safe application methods, introduction of immigration lawyers, etc.)
  • Management advice (insurance coverage, subsidy/subsidy applications, recruitment methods, etc.)

About Management

  • Advice on recruitment (how to reduce recruitment costs, know-how on recruitment tests, information on job openings that attract applicants, etc.)
  • Advice on labor issues (how to manage attendance, calculate salaries, determine benefits, etc.)
  • Advice on litigation problems (litigation procedures, how to use detectives and lawyers, how to write formal documents, etc.)

Introduction of consulting support instructor

Ryuji Sugimoto

Representative Director of Fun Sense, Inc.
Born in Tokyo and has been living in Hawaii for 10 years.
Managed companies in Japan and the United States, in business fields such as trade, tourism, real estate, and investment.
Obtained a U.S. trade visa by engaging in import merchandise sales business between Japan and Hawaii.
Visited about 40 countries with the concept of “making traveling a job” and ended up in Hawaii.
World Heritage specialist.

About consulting support

Individual consulting: 25,000 yen (including tax: 27,500 yen)
Consulting methods: face-to-face, email, zoom, etc.
Conditions: one time, 1 hour
Please use this service to ask questions about your practice or start-up instead of ongoing support.

Consulting support: 150,000 yen (including tax: 165,000 yen)
Consulting methods: face-to-face, email, zoom, etc.
Condition: 6months, No limit on frequency
I would like to advise you until your business is on track, with no limit on the frequency.

Business seminars

Business seminars are held either in person at a venue in Hawaii or online.

You can learn how to negotiate for actual products, how to create your own products, how to acquire a company, how to apply for a business license, etc. The content of the seminar is more practical.

The content of the seminar changes each time, so you can attend as many times as you like.

If you would like to request to speak at a seminar, please use the “Inquiry” form.

Past business seminars

February 12, 2019
@Impact HUB
10 participants

August 17, 2018
@Alamoana Hotel
12 participants

October 2, 2018
@Hilton Hotel
Nine participants

May 5, 2020
28 participants

June 26-27, 2021
205 participants

Voices of customers participating in business seminars

Q1: What information was particularly useful in the seminar?

Q2: Could you tell us your thoughts on the lecturer and the content of the lecture?

Q3: Please give us your thoughts and opinions on the seminar.

Sample videos of business seminars

Next Business Seminar

Date and time of the meeting It will be renewed as soon as the next meeting is decided.
Venue Honolulu, Hawaii or ZOOM
Detailed page A special page will be released as soon as it is completed.
Cost of participation Hawaii venue participation: TBD, ZOOM participation: TBD
Payment method: Credit card, bank transfer
Cancellation policy 10% cancellation charge up to 30 days
29 days before, 8 days before, cancellation charge of 30%
7 days before or 3 days before cancellation fee 50%
100% cancellation charge from two days before to the day
For further information Fun Sense, Inc.
1296 Kapiolani Blvd #1602
808-979-6999 (Hawaii), 046-216-9600 (Japan)

Web production services

Website development is not only about creating a beautiful website, but it is also an all-in-one service that includes marketing and structural design.

We can take your site from “no one will see it” and “it won’t sell” to “many people will see it and the revenue will keep increasing.

Rather than simply handing you a website that we have created, we would be happy to provide you with advice on how to manage it and help you build it together.

What the web production service can do

  • Target marketing (clarification of main targets, optimal site name and domain design, creation of catch copies, etc.)
  • Web design that continues to grow for a long period of time (list of necessary pages, selection of main keywords, internal SEO measures, etc.)
  • Creation of professional-level designs (creation of top pages, creation of fixed pages, plug-in settings, etc.)
  • Advice on site management (measures against external SEOs, mall opening expertise, web attraction, etc.)

Example of past web production

I started a Hawaii tour website around January 2019 and took it from zero access to 1.5 million PV in about a year.

Since I have done a good job of internal SEO for my website, all I did to get it to the top of the search results was to write about 100 blog posts.

With the right SEO strategy, even a newly created website can mass produce the number one position in Google searches for a single keyword.

You don’t have to mass produce articles like a media site, but if you can get the number one spot for the keywords you want to target, your business revenue will increase dramatically.

In the example of this site, the number of tour bookings increased from only 7 in February 2019, when I started compiling the blog, to 48 in February 2020, a year later.

Image of website production

Please see below for an image of the completed website production.

You can choose from about 20 different designs of the same quality as the website shown here.

Opening of blog/website

Opening of e-commerce website

Opening of EC malls (Rakuten Market or Yahoo Shopping)

Opening of EC malls (Amazon or Qoo10)

Terms of the web production service

  • Blogs, websites, and in-house e-commerce sites will be created using the WordPress theme produced by professionals.
  • The EC Mall (Rakuten Market Yahoo Shopping) will be created in a completely original design.
  • The total design will be made within 10 pages.
  • We will construct the design optimized for PCs and smartphones.

Opening of blog/website: 200,000 yen (including tax: 220,000 yen)

Opening of e-commerce website: 250,000 yen (including tax: 275,000 yen)

Opening of EC malls (Rakuten Market or Yahoo Shopping): 250,000 yen (including tax: 275,000 yen)

Opening of EC malls (Amazon or Qoo10): 150,000 yen (including tax: 165,000 yen)

If the volume is likely to be more than 10 pages, we will consult with you during the preliminary hearing.

The production cost is set at a lower price range than the market price and quality of general web production companies.

Please feel free to ask us to modify the design until you are satisfied with it.

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