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E-commerce Service

The “Aloha Shopping Center”, is an online Hawaiian goods shop which specializes in selling products that haven’t been launched in Japan yet, along with famous souvenirs. In addition to our own sites, we have also opened stores in e-commerce malls such as Amazon and Yahoo Shopping. By establishing unique distribution routes, we were able to achieve lower cost and faster delivery than anywhere. This service is available for a wide range of customers, including purchasing of souvenirs before traveling to Hawaii, emergency arrangements when there is a shortage of souvenirs, and purchasing items for sale.

Main Store

Buy at a lower price than any other shop!
Chances to “Win a Travel to Hawaii!”
Get products available only in Hawaii!

Yahoo! Store

Earn up to ten time points!
Get Yahoo Points for every purchase!
30%-70% OFF of sales items at any time!

Amazon Store

Free shipping for prime members!
Same-day shipping on weekends/holidays!
Compare products with several reviews!

Tour Guiding Service

The “AloAlo Travel”, a day-trip optional tour in Hawaii, operates a new style of tour so each customer can freely choose where they want to go, rather than a typical type of tour where groups visit the same place, based on the concept of “hospitality to a friend who has come to visit Hawaii. For travelers visiting Hawaii for the first time, the driver can take you to recommended spots that are in best condition of that day. For frequent travelers, we can take you to secret spots that are hard to get to on a regular tour. This service offers high customer satisfaction and a high repeating rate, guided by Japanese drivers who have spent their time playing in Hawaii and know the area best.

AloAlo Travel

In addition to the genres of “playing, eating, and buying”, the system allows users to search for spots on the “North Shore, East Coast, West Coast, and Honolulu”. All of Hawaii’s tourist destinations are shown on a photo blog, so you can get information in advance even if it’s your first time in Hawaii. Please feel free to contact us upon requests for quotations for chartered tours, customer support by phone, and preparation of tour plans that cannot be found at travel agencies.

Buyma Travel

Our tour is featured in the local tour agency overseas called “Buyma Travel.” This is a service derived from “Buyma,” which sells variety of products sold by overseas buyers. People living overseas are guides of local tours. Both reservations in advance from Japan and reservations after arriving in Hawaii are possible. Credit card payments can also be made through simple procedures! There are many other tour guides registered besides us, so please look for a popular tour that will not disappoint you.

Import and Export Service

The “Hi-Japan”, a shopping agency service in Hawaii, is a service that was born from a customer’s request to “want ○○○ sold in Hawaii.” Local staff in Hawaii will substitute customers and purchase products. The characteristics are low-cost international shipping fees and flexible correspondence, and there are plenty of optional services, such as preparation of customs documents and English-language support. Please feel free to consult with us about individual deliveries, an air transportation charter, and full container shipping.

About Purchasing

Kama Aina (local discount) is applied!
Simple and easy ordering method!
Supports all areas in Oahu!

About Shipping

Special discounted fares!
Breakage rate less than 1%!
Three-day delivery from Hawaii!

About Service

All customs entry is substituted!
From one product to a full container!
Satisfying customer support!

Web Support Service

Our strength in Web Support is our “all-in-one” service. Website production with an awareness of target marketing and SEO measures, total support consulting for matters such as establishment of an overseas corporation, establishment of a business bank account, and acquisition of a visa, seminars that provide advice from experience, are all suitable for beginners to middle-class people to get their business back on track through blogs and e-commerce sites.


Operation of e-commerce sites
Web marketing
International trade

Business Seminars

Hawaii venue seminar
Online seminars
Online sales

Web Design

Blog production
Production of e-commerce sites
WordPress production

Web Media Service

The “Sekatra”, a private tour traveling the world, is a service only we can provide, having travelling professionals guide each country. It is also a media site that conveys real overseas information. Along with the “Alohacast” SNS issued by Fun Sense, Inc., we provide interesting topics from abroad.


Dividing the world into six continents, you can search countries, regions, and tourist destinations from there. It also provides useful information recommended by a professional traveler such as how to obtain an airplane ticket and how to select accommodation facilities.


We distribute the following SNS for different purposes: “Facebook,” is used as a communication tool; “Twitter,” provides the latest topics; “Instagram,” provides images and sentences; “Youtube,” provides direct visual information; and “Line,” sends information and coupons.

>Social Media

Social Media

We post interesting information and latest news about Hawaii. Please check our Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. Find them by searching @alohacast. You can get discount coupons for shops and tours if you register!