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E-commerce Service

Aloha Shopping Center is an online Hawaiian goods shop which specializes in selling products that haven’t been launched in Japan yet, along with famous souvenirs. In addition to our own sites, we have also opened stores in e-commerce malls such as Amazon, Yahoo Shopping, and Rakuten. By establishing unique distribution routes, we were able to achieve lower cost and faster delivery than anywhere. This service is available for a wide range of customers, including purchasing of souvenirs before traveling to Hawaii, emergency arrangements when there is a shortage of souvenirs, and purchasing items for sale.

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Cheaper prices than any other store!

Main Store

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Great coupons, sales, and points!

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Ships daily, even on weekends and holidays!

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Rakuten Store

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Free shipping & hot events!

Rakuten Store

Tour Guiding Service

AloAlo Travel, a day-trip optional tour in Hawaii, operates a new style of tour so each customer can freely choose where they want to go, rather than a typical type of tour where groups visit the same place, based on the concept of “hospitality to a friend who has come to visit Hawaii. For travelers visiting Hawaii for the first time, the driver can take you to recommended spots that are in best condition of that day. For frequent travelers, we can take you to secret spots that are hard to get to on a regular tour. This service offers high customer satisfaction and a high repeating rate, guided by Japanese drivers who have spent their time playing in Hawaii and know the area best.

AloAlo Travel

In addition to the genres of “playing, eating, and buying”, the system allows users to search for spots on the “North Shore, East Coast, West Coast, and Honolulu”. All of Hawaii’s tourist destinations are shown on a photo blog, so you can get information in advance even if it’s your first time in Hawaii. Please feel free to contact us upon requests for quotations for chartered tours, customer support by phone, and preparation of tour plans that cannot be found at travel agencies.

Buyma Travel

Our tour is featured in the local tour agency overseas called “Buyma Travel.” This is a service derived from “Buyma,” which sells variety of products sold by overseas buyers. People living overseas are guides of local tours. Both reservations in advance from Japan and reservations after arriving in Hawaii are possible. Credit card payments can also be made through simple procedures! There are many other tour guides registered besides us, so please look for a popular tour that will not disappoint you.

Logistics Service

Hi-Japan, a shopping agency service in Hawaii, is a service that was born from a customer’s request to “want ○○○ sold in Hawaii.” Not only do our local staff buy and forward products, but we also provide import support at customs and handle all the necessary overseas logistics, including shipping in Japan. We offer a wide range of optional services, from individual delivery of a single item to air cargo chartering and commercial transportation in full containers.

Purchasing Service

We offer three services: a “forwarding agent” to ship products purchased by customers to Japan, a “shopping agent” to purchase products requested by customers, and an “online tour” to select products together via video phone! Hawaii is a tourist city where products are sold at lower prices than in the mainland United States.

Import Agent Service

We support “consulting” to guide you through the rules of importing from overseas, “import procedures” to apply for customs documents and permits on your behalf, and “shipping arrangements” by air or sea from the United States (Hawaii)! In addition to the special discounted freight rates offered by Fun Sense, our strengths are international shipping in as little as three days and reliable Japanese delivery with a damage rate of less than 1%.

Shipping Agent Service

One of the special characteristics of our service is the advanced “shipment arrival” to logistic facilites in terms of performance, size, and location. We also have “storage” with low cost and high security, and also high quality “shipping” by skilled staff! We support our customers to improve their quality and productivity as an all-in-one service from receiving to inspection, product management, packaging, and delivery.

Web Support Service

Our strength in Web Support is our “all-in-one” service. Website production with an awareness of target marketing and SEO measures, total support consulting for matters such as establishment of an overseas corporation, establishment of a business bank account, and acquisition of a visa, seminars that provide advice from experience, are all suitable for beginners to middle-class people to get their business back on track through blogs and e-commerce sites.


We provide consulting services in the following five areas: EC business, web marketing, international trade, overseas business, and management, with individual consulting services available on an hourly basis and advisory consulting services available for six months at any time.

Business Seminars

For those who want to do business overseas, we provide a wide range of know-hows, including licensing agreements, acquisition methods, building your own products, and establishing a corporation. I conduct on-site seminars in Hawaii, online seminars via ZOOM, and guest speaking engagements.

Web Design

We build blogs, websites, e-commerce sites, e-commerce malls, etc. Not only do we simply build websites, but we design totally on a professional level, according to the targeted content, internal SEO measures to increase visitors, and also give advice on site management.

Web Media Service

Sekatora, a private tour company that travels the world, and Aloha Cast, a web media that brings you the latest and most popular information about Hawaii, are portable sites designed to provide you with real information about other countries. As a business, we offer a travel service where travel professionals act as tour guides to guide you around the countries, and a service to promote your company or products through social networking sites.


We have compiled a list of spots around the world and useful information on what to do abroad recommended by travel professionals. For those who are anxious about traveling abroad, we also introduce “the best of the best travelers” as tour guides for your desired destination. For those who want to do something a little different from the usual sightseeing, we provide a fulfilling, higher-grade trip.


Fun Sense, Inc. is on the four following social networking sites; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. In addition to daily posts, we increase the number of fans and improve the effectiveness of our marketing by issuing coupons, planning gifts, and live streaming on a regular basis. We can also handle service announcements and introductions on your behalf if you wish.

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