Company Overview

Company NameFun Sense, Inc.
BusinessE-commerce and information provider via internet
Product planning and its designing, manufacturing, advertising and selling
Importing and exporting
Forwarding and purchasing service
Intermediator and conductor of tours
Purchasing and selling of used products under the law
Real estate and general services
Other related business
Office500 Ala Moana Blvd 7-400
Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone:808-979-6999 (Non-business Hours : 050-5241-7160)
Date establishedDecember 2013
Initial Capital6 Million Yen
Representative DirectorRyuji Sugimoto
Main BankBank of Hawaii
Waikiki Branch
Primary partnersK.K. paperboy&co.
Japan Post Co., Ltd.
Sagawa Global Express Hawaii
Amazon Japan K.K.
Rakuten, Inc.
Yahoo Japan Corporation

Mission Statement

Creator of “Excitement” and “Fun”

Our company name is originated from “Fun” at work and your “Sense” can change your work to your hobby!
This happy-feeling can influence the society and bring joy and excitements to our customers.
Keep smiling at times of struggles and agony.
Push a little harder even if it feels like there is nothing we can do.
We continue to provide the products that excite you, us and the world!
We serve you with sincereness like your dear friends.
We are an innovator and a trend-setter.
We build the systems that changed the norms.
And we promise you that we remain to be positive and achieve outputs that satisfy us and you!

CEO Greeting

Thank you for visiting our website. Upon today’s globalization, Fun Sense, Inc. has been proactively approaching and partnering with oversea companies that are filled with their inspiring ideas and distinct products and we have successfully established the distribution method. By having the system connecting Japan and overseas, we aim to further reduce the international barriers, provide the service more efficiently to our customers and lastly be a top-notch company in the industry.
I traveled the world when I was in the university and this experience taught me that the reality exceeded with information in textbooks and “Japanese norms” do not define the norms anymore. My another intake was that even though there are cultural or languages differences, there are many people are driven to achieve their various dreams. It is still vivid in my memory when I deeply determined and visioned to have my own business that linked and shared the beauty of the world.

Nowadays everything has become very convenient and it looks as if the distribution among overseas and Japan has been completely implemented. However because of the easy-accessibility, we are making ourselves more oblivious to new abundant ideas and I feel “mottainai” which translates to “unfortunate waste” in Japanese. Our job is to share those overlooked but valuable ideas to our country and vice versa which act I strongly hope to result in the economic stimulation. We will stay highly motivated and keep challenging ourselves to build the frameworks that enrich people’s life.

Our staff have keen interests in overseas and everyday we are working hard to expand the business outside Japan. Until today, we focused our business based on demands from Japanese customers and it varies from retailing the oversea products, tour in Hawaii to forwarding, purchasing and pre-reserving services. Now our new goal involves with acquiring non-Japanese customers, adding trading routes from Europe and Asia, retailing at physical stores as well as launching our own brand.
Our strength is that once we believe in products, we will pursue to share those to our customers rather than the matter of the profit. As a small start-up, there are times we have tough negotiations, but we remain to be positive and tenacious and slowly growing as a company by explaining how the products carry their attractiveness and potential. It is our ultimate happiness if our brand can cater “exciting” and “fun” products to the world. Finally we commit to keep contributing to the society through establishing animal shelters, supporting NPO organizations like Medicines Sans Frontiers and more.


Hawaii Office

500 Ala Moana Blvd 7-400 Honolulu, HI 96813
Office Hour
09:00〜17:00(Monday – Friday)
Saturday, Sunday and State Holidays

Japan Office

1-10-1-3F Minamirinkan Yamato-shi Kanagawa 242-0006
Office Hour
09:00〜17:00 (Monday – Friday)
Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays


May 2013

Established Fun Sense, Inc. in Japan (Tokyo)

June 2013

Start Online Shopping Store Business

Links:「Aloha Shopping Center」、「Amazon Store」、「Yahoo! Store

December 2013

Established Fun Sense, Inc. in Hawaii

May 2016

Established Fun Sense, Inc. in Japan (Kanagawa)

December 2016

Start Tour Guiding Business

Links:「AloAlo Travel」、「Buyma Travel

April 2017

Start Purchasing Service

Link:「Hi! Japan

January 2018

Start Social Media Marketing (Alohacast)


May 2018

Established Fun Sense, Inc. in Japan (Chiba)

August 2018

Start Seminar Business

Link:「Hawaii Business Seminar

November 2019

Start Real Estate Business

Link:「Real Estate for Shops(Sugimoto Building 2F)」、「Real Estate for Office(Sugimoto Building 3F)