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Company Overview

Company Name Fun Sense, Inc.
Business E-commerce and information provider via internet
Product planning and its designing, manufacturing, advertising and selling
Importing and exporting
Forwarding and purchasing service
Intermediator and conductor of tours
Purchasing and selling of used products under the law
Real estate and general services
Other related business
Japan Office Sugimoto Building 3F, 1-10-1 Minamirinkan
Yamato-shi Kanagawa, 242-0006
Japan Storage GLP Zama 2F, 2-10-10 Hironodai
Zama-shi Kanagawa, 252-0012
Hawaii Office 1296 Kapiolani Boulevard #1602
Honolulu, HI 96814
Phone Number 808-979-6999
Date established May 23th, 2013
Initial Capital 25 Million Japanese Yen
Representative Director Ryuji Sugimoto
Main Bank Bank of Hawaii, Waikiki Branch
Tax Advisor Riviere Tax Accountant Office
Labor and Social Security Attorney United Advisers Co., Ltd.
Legal Advisor Aisia Law Office
Primary partners Japan Post Co., Ltd.
Sagawa Global Express Hawaii
Amazon Japan K.K.
Yahoo Japan Corporation
Rakuten Group, Inc.

Mission Statement

Creating “exciting” and “interesting”

The company name “Fun Sense” expresses our desire to “enjoy our work”.
We do work not only to make money, but also to make ourselves “excited”.
We try to eliminate the boring stuff as much as possible, and pursue only what we really think is “interesting”.
To provide services that make everyone happy, such as treating friends sincerely, not just doing business with customers.
The resulting “happiness” will contribute to society and lead to the joy and excitement of our customers.
I believe that this is our responsibility to society.
Even in times of hardship, frustration, and pain, we always face them with a smile on our face and a firm attitude.
Even when we think there is nothing we can do, we try a little harder and take a step forward.
We aim to be a company that is always positive and continues to do work that we ourselves are satisfied with.

President Greeting

My name is Sugimoto, and I am the president of Fun Sense, Inc.
Thank you for visiting our website from among many other websites.
When I was a university student, I visited more than 40 countries on six continents around the world.
Overseas, I found many things that I had not been taught in school, things that were different from what I had been taught, and things that I could not use the term “common sense” as a Japanese.
At the same time, I learned that there were many people living in different countries and languages, but with the same dreams as us.
At that time, I made up my mind that in the future, I would like to run a business that would unite the world and tell people how wonderful the world is! I still vividly remember that I made up my mind that in the future, I would like to work in a business that connects the world as one and conveys the beauty of the world.
In response to the internationalization of recent years, we have actively formed business alliances with overseas companies that deal with interesting ideas and products from around the world, and have created a system to serve as a distribution channel for them.
Our goal is to become a system that connects Japan and other countries, to eliminate border barriers, and to provide smoother services to our customers, and to become a leader in our field.
In a society where everything is becoming more and more convenient every day, it seems that distribution between Japan and other countries has already been completed.
However, to me, it seems that many of the wonderful ideas that are born every day around the world are being buried, or that there is no mechanism in place to communicate them, and every day I feel that this is a waste.
How much fun would it be if we could revitalize social economy by creating interesting things and spreading them through conveying good things from overseas to Japan and vice versa convey good things from Japan to overseas?
This thought was why I decided to start a company.
After the establishment of the company, we had a series of failures.
There were times when our sales contracts were unilaterally terminated, there were times when we were clearly harassed, and there were times when all of our employees quit at the same time.
Even so, I managed to persevere with my determination to do my best and to never bend my beliefs, and gradually I was blessed with wonderful members and corporate partners, and our business performance continued to grow steadily.
I will continue to work hard and enjoy life while taking on various challenges so that I can create a system that is useful to more people.
In the future, I would like to grow by acquiring foreign customers, expanding our trade routes to Europe and Asia, launching our own brand, and investing more in media marketing.
Ultimately, we want to do our best to help the world by establishing animal welfare facilities, supporting Doctors Without Borders, and spreading the “exciting” and “interesting” things we have created to the world.
We look forward to working with you at Fun Sense, Inc. in the future.

Introduction of Office

Office & Workplace

Storage Warehouse

Cargo Berth


Convenience Store

Hawaii Office (Sunset Beach)


May 2013

Established Fun Sense, Inc. in Tokyo, Japan

Dormant in 2017 (due to office relocation to Kanagawa)

June 2013

Started E-commerce Business (Aloha Shopping Center)

Links:「Aloha Shopping Center」、「Yahoo! Store」、「Amazon Store」、「Rakuten Store

December 2013

Established Fun Sense, Inc. in Hawaii, U.S.A

May 2016

Established Fun Sense, Inc. in Kanagawa, Japan

December 2016

Started Tour Guiding Business (AloAlo Travel)

Links:「AloAlo Travel」、「Buyma Travel

April 2017

Started logistics Agency Business (Hi!Japan)

Link:「Hi! Japan

January 2018

Started Social Media Marketing (Alohacast)


May 2018

Established Fun Sense, Inc. in Chiba, Japan

Moved to Yamato City, Kanagawa in 2018 (for closure of logistics warehouse)

Moved to Zama City, Kanagawa in 2021 (for business expansion)

August 2018

Started Web Support Business

Link:「Web Support

November 2019

Started Real Estate Business

October 2020

Started Web Media business (Sekatra)


>Official line account of Fun Sense, Inc.

Official line account of Fun Sense, Inc.

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