Current Vacancies

We are looking for new staff for conducting tours in Hawaii, purchasing requested orders from Japan, transporting purchased items to the airport and other associated tasks. We are seeking individuals who;

  • Has high communication abilities
  • Love to entertain others
  • Has a good eye on discovering new products
  • Are interested in branding oversea products


Assignment -Conduct tours in Oahu Island in Hawaii
-Meetings and correspondence with manufacturers
-Photo/video shooting and editing for products
-Purchase of requested order from Japan
-Packaging and transporting the products to the airport
-Manage corporate blogs (WordPress) and SNS posts
Requirements -Must have U.S. driver license
-Native or business level in Japanese
-Fluent in English
-Great communicating skills
Preferred -Possess negotiation skills
-Ability to write interesting articles from a marketing perspective
-Enjoy shooting photos
Employment Type Permanent:(Paid on daily basis)
*Please ensure you have a valid working VISA. We will sponsor the extension after having worked for over 2 years at our company.
Payroll -$120-200 per day ($18~20 per hour) with commission and tip
-Payment by check and provided monthly
Working Area Honolulu, Hawaii
Working hours 9:00 – 17:00 (Purchasing, transporting, and other office work)
7:30 – 11:30, 12:00 – 19:30, 7:30 – 19:30(Depends on the tour content, but approximately 7-10 working hours)
Benefit -U.S. Social Insurance

Process of Employment Selection

  1. Apply by e-mail
  2. Please send us a message from the application form below.

  3. Document selection
  4. HR will contact you with a reply after confirmation within 2 business days.

  5. Interview and aptitude exam
  6. Applicants that passed the document selection will be provided with an interview (telephone or face-to-face) and aptitude exam.

  7. Announcement of the test results
  8. We will be contacting you in about a week after the interview.

Application Form

Please use this application form when applying.
After confirming the contents, we will contact you within two business days.


    Email Address(※)

    Phone number(※)

    Date of Birth(※)

    Working experience(※)

    Brief introductory about you(※)



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